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Medical Services

In addition to preventive care, our Doctors are skilled at diagnosing and managing many medical conditions, including but not limited to, skin and food allergies, endocrine disorders such as diabetes and thyroid disorders, cardiac disease, arthritis and joint disease, minor to severe injuries, as well as more serious disorders such as cancer and end of life concerns.

We are very exited to announce that Dr. Ziegenbalg is adding ultrasound technology and Endoscopy to the services provided to our clients and patients.  With both of these amazing technologies we will be able to diagnose much faster and therefore be able to treat each patient for what ever problems they are having.

Surgical Services

Our surgical services range from elective surgeries, such as dermal mass removal, dental extractions and oral surgery, and minor laceration repair to complex procedures such as internal tumor removal, spaying & neutering, ocular and oral surgery, some orthopedic, gastrointestinal, rhinoplasties and other complex surgeries. Dr. Ziegenbalg and his team follow the highest level of anesthetic, surgical safety & recovery protocols. 

All patients undergoing surgery are provided the following high standards of care:

  • Pre-operative bloodwork and analysis
  • A pre-surgical physical exam
  • Individualized anesthetic protocols
  • I.V. catheterization and thermo-regulated, warmed I.V. fluids throughout the procedure
  • Computerized monitoring of vital signs while under anesthesia
  • Body temperature maintenance during the procedure and recovery
  • Analgesics and pain medication post procedure
  • Recovery under observation
  • Staff attention and loving care while under our care

Spaying & Neutering

Spaying and neutering our patient, is a very special component of our practice.   The highest standards of surgical protocol outlined above are utilized for all spays and neuters.  We believe all cats and dogs deserve the best and will not compromise on the quality of care.

We follow the highest standard of care guidelines when we do spays/neuters.  

Dental Services

Burlingame Veterinary Clinic provides comprehensive dental care, including dental scaling, ultrasonic cleaning, polishing, extractions and oral surgery under general anesthesia. Routine dental care is encouraged at home by our staff to keep your pet’s oral hygiene at it’s best.  Dental disease can, and will, cause serious systemic disease including cardiac disease if dental health is not maintained.  Let us help you keep your pet’s teeth healthy!

Appointments & Emergencies

To allow for excellent service to our clients we schedule appointments.  Should an urgent need arise, please call us on your way to the clinic to confirm that we have appropriate staff on hand.  We will do our best to assist with the emergency and will refer to an inpatient facility if appropriate.

After hours, we recommend The Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Tualatin.  You may also utilize any of the other emergency hospital, such as Northwest Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Hospital in Clackamas. Your emergency visit records will be faxed to us, and we will be ready to assist you with follow up care and recommendations.

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