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Dental Therapy

Routine tooth and gum care is as important for your pet as it is for you.  In fact, we council clients on proper oral hygiene for their pets with dietary management and home care.  We'd like to show you with your pet present "what to look for".  Many conditions are quite painful and yet pets usually don't reveal it.  Dachshunds and shitzus with retained teeth?  Labrador Retrievers with fractured teeth?  Young felines with receding gum lines and bad breath?  Older cats with missing sections of teeth?

Some conditions require advanced interventional care including:  Digital dental x-rays to improve visualizing affected teeth and the surrounding bone, prophylactic dental cleaning, surgical extraction of teeth and retained tooth roots.  Some teeth with cavitary lesions detected early enough can be saved using bonded sealants and other restorative techniques.

Proper dental care improves overall systemic health, longevity and quality of life for your pets.

Pictured above is Dr. Z doing a Dental procedure on a canine


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