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Preventative Care


Pictured above is Dr. Z's cousins dog "Koda"

Your pet needs routine check-ups  much like we do.  Regular comprehensive physical examinations with your pet's doctor will help us detect problems early and be able to treat them before they become serious or even life threatening.  There are many conditions that older pets are susceptible to, so routine visits with your Veterinarian is more important as  your pet ages.  We believe proactive approach to wellness care is far superior to reacting to problems once they've occurred. 

Did you know that on average, your pet ages 5-7 years for every human year?

Routine blood, urine and stool tests should be performed on pets yearly to assess their internal health.  Detecting problems early on will help us increase the longevity and quality of your pets life.  All of our staff would be pleased to help you or answer any questions.


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