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Portland Spay and Neuter

High Quality, Safe,  Spay and Neuter Services 

In Southwest Portland at Burlingame Veterinary Clinic

Since 2001 we have provided reduced fee surgical services to ensure that all cats & dogs have access to a safe, high quality spay/neuter surgery at an affordable price.

Our veterinarians have safely performed thousands of spay and neuter surgeries in our Southwest Portland clinic. High level surgical protocols are utilized for all pets, and no compromise is made in providing excellent care to them.

How Are We Different? Our clinic is a full service, well respected neighborhood veterinary clinic that provides the full spectrum of veterinary care to our patients.  We offer preventative care, medical and surgical services and treatment from juvenile to senior pets. The highest level of medical/surgical protocols are utilized for all procedures, including pets having surgery using our reduced fee program. We are a veterinary clinic, not an animal shelter, and receive no funding other than our surgical fees for these services.

Why Should I Have My Pet Spayed/Neutered at Burlingame Veterinary Clinic? We will not compromise the level of surgical care we provide to our patients using the reduced fee program. We believe all animals need and deserve pain control medications post operatively, safe anesthesia protocols, I.V. catheters and I.V. fluids during the procedure, and dissolvable sutures. Our quality standard protocols are always followed without compromise, which makes us stand out when comparing us to other clinics, practices or programs.  Our scheduling staff will provide the additional, affordable fees for your pet specifically when you call to schedule your appointment. Depending on the age and health status, these vary on a pet by pet basis.

Please give us a call if you have any questions @ 503-977-2637.



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