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Nutritional counseling

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Pet Nutrition is very important to the team here at BVC.  Our staff can work with patients who have kidney insufficiency, bladder stones, food allergies, weight management issues and other conditions that require a dietary change, to make sure that each pet receives adequate nutrition.  Our team works closely with individual patients to ensure they are consuming diets that meet all of their needs.  Veterinary nutritional counseling can also be extremely valuable for patients suffering from obesity as weight management is the cornerstone osteoarthritis therapy in our aging patients.

We offer a variety of therapeutic diets and we can special order items, if needed.  We do carry Royal Canin food products, can also order Hills food products and we can also direct you on how to use our online pharmacy (VetSource) to order other special diets as well.  Please do not hesitate to ask us about the added services we offer in our nutritional department.


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